Hot Wife Hubby

I am married to a beautiful redhead, Domino, who I often dream of being a hot wife - fucking and sucking other men at will, whether I am with her or not.

So far, this is still a fantasy, save for a couple of incidents several years ago. Domino does, however, love for me to clean her up after I have cum in or on her and she takes great delight in donning one of many strap-ons and pegging me. Okay, I take great delight in being pegged, too.

Lastly, we have recently discovered the joys of Tease and Denial, ruined or abandoned orgasms and male chastity. The games Domino plays with me, the way she makes me ache, are an indescribable mixture of pain and pleasure.

That is some serious tease and denial.

That is some serious tease and denial.

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  • 18 November 2011
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